HM's Reading List

It is important to keep something on the bedside table, be it fiction, non-fiction, detective novel, spy thriller or autobiography.  Some firefighters keep a book at home and one at the firehouse to avoid being stuck at home without one.  Here's a list of HM's recent reads and favorite books for you to get inspired from.

Steven King's Dark Tower Series
Book 1 - The Gunslinger follows Roland Deschain as he navigates the barren Mid-World in search of the Man in Black.  Part sci-fi, part western and not at all what most people expect of Steven King, this 7 book series became King's magnum opus, eventually linking to many of his better known works.  HM's #1 recommendation.

Dan Pink Drive
If you've ever wondered why we make the decisions we do, how we process experience and why some of the smartest people seem to freeze when making decisions, Dan Pink has your answers.

Dan Kahneman Thinking Fast and Slow
The noted behavioral economist takes you on a journey to understand exactly how our minds process information to allow decision making, why some decisions are quick and easy and other take so much time to process.  A companion to Dan Pink's Drive IMHO, read them back to back.

Steven Levitt & Steven Dubner Freakonomics 
Economist Steven Levitt teams up with author and podcast host Steven Dubner to bring you an explanation about nearly everything.  Why do gas prices end in 9/10ths of a gallon and does that really impact the passing motorist?  Why do people vote against their best interests?  How do advertisers know exactly what to show me?  This is the first of their many works and I highly recommend their podcast as well!

Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451
What happens in a future where fiction is outlawed and books are banned? Small groups of people hide books and are considered criminals.  When books are found it isn't he Police who respond, but instead the Firemen, a team of men who douse the books and the homes pf the owners of the books in kerosene and burn them live on TV.  This story follows Fireman Guy Montag as he comes to terms with what he does and is led into the underground community of book owners only to find that nothing is as it seems.