WYE Video Analysis - Second in Engine response and staging of vehicles at residential fire

Our new video analysis series is up and running with a new video from the fire side.

I brought MC a dashcam video from a fire engine responding to a structure fire and he immediately remembers the Seinfeld episode where Kramer drives in the tiller bucket.

As Engine 30 responds their driving changes when the first in engine reports smoke showing and a rescue in progress.  We also get good communication from the Officer to the Engine company about where to go and what to do.

MC and I discuss:
Controlling intersectionsSiren and horn useLane choice and when to pass on the rightSpeed limits and guidelinesApparatus placement

This is a great chance to get a law enforcement expert's input on what firefighters look for when driving code 3 and how we look for different things. MC also has a few comments and questions about the law enforcement response seen in the video.
Apparently one of the officer's parked like he's the first in Truck.

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