60 second CPR training - Real or Fantasy?

I've always hated the AHA CPR and AED courses.  I shouldn't say hate, that's a strong word. Downright despise is more like it.

They take a very straight forward task and make it so boring and complicated I can't turn the lights down for all 6 students in the class to see or else they'll fall asleep.

Full disclosure, I've been an AHA CPR instructor for 14 years and an ACLS and PALS Instructor for 3.  I've watched the videos and book content improve slightly, but that just took it from miserable to boring.

The last 4 years has had me teaching AHA CPR and AED as well as First Aid on average every 20 days.  I can recite the video almost from memory.  I can also count on one hand how many times someone completed the class and said they enjoyed it and had a good time.  Taking AHA CPR is a chore. 3-3.5 hours to learn the same task over and over and over again...there must be a better way.

There is.

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