Is it time to ask PD to give the Narcan back?

Blogfather Kelly Grayson mentioned a story on the book of faces that got quite a few comments, so I'm expanding my thoughts here in the ol' blogosphere.

What's the old saying?  "When you're a hammer everything looks like a nail"?

A flurry of stories keeps hitting my feeds of Police Officers dosing themselves with Narcan for all the wrong reasons.  Whether it's because they saw some white powder in a car, heard the word fentanyl while serving a warrant or even having what was described, by the officer no less, as a panic attack.

The hype around opiod exposure, and especially the fentanyl family, has sent law enforcement as a whole over the deep end.  It appears what little training they may have received on when to administer the medication never took hold.  All they heard was "Fentanyl is going to kill you, take Narcan" and away they went into the night, giving each other nasal atomized doses in the absence of symptoms.  That guy in Ohio had cr…

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