CISD with OK GO Part VII - Nothing Changes Much

CISD - Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

OK GO - A band

This is another in what I thought was a complete series of dealing with PTSD using the music of OK GO.  For over 7 years I've been seeing parts of my recovery in the lyrics of their songs and the images of their accompanying videos.  What started as a 2 song idea has clearly expanded as my recovery does.

We’ve covered the initial reaction – Don’t Ask Me How I Feel Part I, The Invincible stage of recovery Part II, then ask ourselves “WTF is Happening” Part III.

Then we realized the healing process is almost complete in Part IV – This Too Shall Pass.

When we think everything is OK we see the boys on their treadmills and realize Here it Goes Again.
Suddenly things were upside down and inside out in Part VI. We were done.  Or were we?
We learned about how to process the chaos with their TED Talk  and that was that. Done.

But nothing changes much.

When things settle down and you've gone through the entire OK GO catalog signi…

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