Free MiniCourse!

I too was intrigued when my Brother from another Mother Motorcop said he was working on a minicourse for an upcoming episode of our award winning Podcast "What's Your Emergency?"

Turns out a minicourse is a smaller version or section of a larger online seminar.  It has nothing to do with little golf courses, I am sad to report.
I can, however, report that the mini course is an ABSOLUTE MUST for everyone who makes or spends money.

That's you, folks.

You've heard MC and I talk about the importance of a written budget and, just like he said in Episode 8 of our show, you can get the mini course on reconciliation FOR FREE.

Reconciling your accounts is when you take what you think you have and compare it to what the bank says you have.  Anyone over the age of 35 remembers balancing a checkbook, well, there's an APP for that now.

Click on over HERE for MC's free reconciling minicourse and learn the basics.  The course is less than an hour, even faster if you ju…

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What's Your Emergency Podcast launches tomorrow! And you could win a Tacvent!