Quit Being Weird

I had a Facebook discussion with some old friends recently where the term "weird" was used.

I could tell right away that different people use that word differently.
I remembered when I was growing up that when I said something was weird my Grandmother would correct me and say "No one is weird, some people are just different."

The discussion started when I pointed out a public figure's behavior that I considered and described as "weird." Others chimed in with how they did not feel it was unusual at all even citing it was part of a religiously motivated practice.
That got me thinking...was I being unfair using the word "weird" to describe something someone else felt so strongly about?
The internet has no shortage of hate speech, I've been called far worse than weird for far less, but if we can't learn from the feedback and push back from those we trust, what's the point?

Like most people, when my beliefs are challenged I go and loo…

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