12 Years of Therapy is enough

I haven't been blogging in a long time, haven't even posted in almost a year.
I'd chalk it up to a mix of depression, exhaustion and success in my professional efforts.
An odd combination, I know.
Blogging was a pressure relief valve I so desperately needed in some dark times. Along the way I met some amazing people I am still friends with, others have fallen by the wayside. We changed minds, inspired professionalism and argued constantly about the best way to provide EMS. We met in dark corners of bars in places like Baltimore, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Dallas. Wherever we were the debate was informed, lively and respectful. Some went on to promotions, others to amazing new opportunities.
This little therapy experiment has allowed me to spread my wings and, as a result, it is time to leave the nest. The Happy Medic isn't dead, or going away, but the time, money and effort in maintaining websites, hosting and the like will slowly fade away.  Your old links may not work, b…

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