A Brief History of Quarantine and the Little Yellow Flag at CDC

Working at an airport you meet people from most walks of life from almost everywhere.  We catch them coming or going or just grabbing a quick bite on a layover.

Unfortunately sometimes we meet them on their less than best day, not feeling their best and needing some help to get better before they continue on.
Still other times we have to hold them against their will for the health of the greater community.  Well, we as EMS don't do that, the authority to do so lies with the CDC Quarantine Center, who I happen to have on speed dial #2.
At a recent planning meeting I was talking with my friends from CDC and noted the insignia on their uniform.  They have rank insignia on their epaulets and a small golden flag.  As the meeting broke I stood up and asked jokingly, "Is that the flag you wave when someone is sick?"
Her response "Yes, actually, it is."

I sat back down.  "Do tell."
To better understand why she wears a yellow flag on her uniform, we have to go…

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