Conversations with the remarkably intoxicated #9943765

Ever built a house of cards? No?  Well youngun' pull up a chair and learn.  The hardest part is balancing the first 2 cards ever so carefully against one another so neither falls down.  Then you add the third one for stability. Together the three lean against one another. Apart,'s not easy.

The remarkably intoxicated are similar sometimes.

We had 2 friends who apparently started drinking 20 hours ago, then all the way on the plane.  Turns out if you're a VIP on the airline they sometimes stretch that pesky "We don't serve you if you're drunk" rule.

We find them in the baggage claim area, swaying ever so slightly together, like wheat in the breeze.  A passerby is concerned one of them is going to fall over and so are we.  However, like that house of cards starting off, the slightest nudge of one card or another sends them both falling.
Sure enough as soon as we touch the arm of one of them (they're both looking down at the ground trying thei…

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