Ancient Healing Hands? In an Ambulance?

A story from says that a Paramedic believes he was fired for using his ancient healing powers on a woman who refused traditional treatments.  From the story:

"Michael Senisch, 62, of Bridgeton, had been a paramedic for 34 years but also holds a certification as a second-degree Reiki Practitioner — a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing."

Stay with me here, it gets better!

The patient, an adult woman, had a decent laceration to her chest and her home treatment had not been helping.  Pressure bandage?  Packed wound?  A band aid even?  Nope...

"Her husband, a retired Pleasantville deputy fire chief, and former EMT, said he and his wife had been treating the wound with "colloidal silver,” but the treatment method had not worked."

Yes, they were trying to heal a tear in the skin, fat and muscle with water that had tiny pieces of silver in it.  Astonishing how that didn't work.  So that's the set up.


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