Sunday, September 22

Custom Made Alt Kilt Fireman's Kilt up for Charity Auction

KTKC Alt KiltktkcshieldSeptember is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and the Kilted to Kick Cancer Kilted Army has been without undergarments for most of the month.

For those of you not familiar with our efforts, we lovers of kilts banded together to support kicking squarely in the crotch the second leading cause of cancer death in men, Prostate Cancer.  We are not content simply sending money away to guys in white lab coats to find a cure, but would rather focus on preventing cancer and spreading information regarding the risk factors and disease process.

Every time a man in a kilt walks into a room people look.  When you pick up your kids from school in a kilt, people point and whisper.  We see it every time.  I have never asked a man why he is growing a mustache, or if he really is tough enough to wear  certain color, but the kilt gets people talking to us.  Then we abruptly change the subject to prostates and during a good laugh they are educated about the 1 in 6 chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and that it's a blood test at first, and that it's not an old man's disease.  If they seem turned off by the topic, we simply ask them to talk to their fathers, brothers, uncles cousins (thanks MC) and then politely wish them a good day and wander off, knowing full well it'll come up later. "I met a guy in a kilt today and you'll never guess what he wanted to talk about!"


Along the way Wisconsin based Alt Kilt jumped on board with both feet offering discounts, gift certificates and other donations to help get Kilted of the ground.  And now we are ready to soar!

altkiltlogoIn their latest installment of support, Alt Kilt has donated a CUSTOM made Fireman's Kilt to be auctioned off online to raise money for the new charity Kilted to Kick Cancer.

The kilt is cotton, with tri-reflective striping on the front apron and Alt Kilt's unique pockets on the side.  Included in this one of a kind auction is custom embroidery on one of the panels!  See the lower image above for an example and the auction site for a full description of the kilt, but imagine this at YOUR next Department event, conference, or simply in September when you get Kilted to Kick Cancer!

Please support our cause and get a sweet kilt at the same time!


If you are a blogger, on Facebook, Twitter etc, please help us spread the word to your followers!

Wednesday, September 18

Are you ready for Evidence Based EMS?

Bad news for those finally jumping on the Evidence Based bandwagon, most of the things you love about EMS are going out the door.

Don't get me wrong, I'm new on this Evidence Based roller coaster, but we used to call it common sense.  How can EMS take ourselves seriously when we demand research for a new toy while defending high dose Epi and backboards as witchcraft Standard of Care?  If something works once it does not guarantee a repeat occurrence.  Ask any married man with kids.

Where was I.  Ah yes...

Things you have to give up if you truly are "Evidence Based":

Lights and sirens


Refusal forms


Epinepherine 1:10,000


Most of the rest of your drugs except benadryl, albuterol, epi 1:1000, Adenosine and Dextrose

ET tubes


Automatic CPR devices

ACLS recertification

PALS recertification

National Registry


ED triage

System Status Management


The pre-packaged occlusive dressing

MAST (oh, wait...I forgot, are we in a 10 year MAST is good or 10 year MAST is bad time period)

The idea that transporting is the solution

Fee for service

Community Paramedicine (They're calling it Mobile Integrated Healthcare make sure the word Paramedic isn't in there and so nurses can do it and bill more)

The idea that "seconds count" (See no more lights and sirens)

The idea that putting a cardiac monitor on a trauma patient does anything at all (Thanks Ambulance Chaser for the reminder)

The idea that CQI is out to get you (Maybe yours is, but I'm not.  Unless you fracked up, then it's on like Donkey Kong)

The idea that your manager was promoted for no reason but when you get the gig it's earned.

The concept that being more like Seattle will save more lives

The idea that a new Medical Director, Chief, Manager or boss will change things for the better

The idea that you are too good for where you are

The idea that EMTs save paramedics

"BLS before ALS saves lives"

The idea that making anything that is red and costs over $200,000 ALS will save lives

The idea that thinking only ambulances can help people



Need I go on?

Monday, September 16

Kilted to Kick Cancer Spotlight - Kelly Grayson

When the BlogFather tells you to start a contest, you start a contest.

Not content with simply raising awareness to Kilted to Kick Cancer, Kelly Grayson from Ambulance Driver Files .com decided to spearhead raising money for causes we all can get behind.  It was Kelly who started the blog contest.  It was Kelly who insisted we solicit prizes for fund raisers.  It was Kelly who waxed  For charity.

He has posted images of himself in drag.  For charity.

He even dressed up in a Star Trek shirt in response to a challenge and a donation.

He may have no shame, but he has a love of the kilt and a desire to raise money for worthy cancer kicking organizations.


So three cheers for the reason we have a contest at all, Kelly Grayson, who is indeed Kilted to Kick Cancer.

Donate to his team HERE.

Get Kilted!

Get Checked!

Monday, September 9

Learning new things with old friends

I'm winging my way to EMSExpo today and am slated to speak on Wednesday afternoon on some CQI topics.

CQI Swapmeet

Session 711
Wednesday, Sep 11 2013 3:00PM - 4:15PM
Room: 252
Track: Admin/Manager
Justin Schorr, FF/EMT-P

Since assuming the quality manager position with the San Francisco Fire Department, Captain Schorr has developed tools to track his system both clinically and operationally and looks to share those with other quality managers. Each one of us has a solution to a problem another system is trying to solve, so let's share. This will be a guided discussion covering a wide range of topics including core performance indicators, dashboard design, operations and deployment tracking, GPS integration and much more. It will be an open forum and attendees are encouraged to bring printouts, thumbdrives and CDs to the session for all to share.

Each conference I go to it seemed the conversations at the end were almost as good as the original content, so I thought, why not have a session of discussion?

Then stay in your chairs for he next session about how I turned some basic data and a spread sheet into a tool to determine workload, peak staffing and design a new EMS system to address a mandated increase in market share.

How Busy Are We? Developing Benchmarks to Measure Workload

Session 811
Wednesday, Sep 11 2013 4:30PM - 5:45PM
Room: 252
Track: Admin/Manager
Justin Schorr, FF/EMT-P

Possibly the most complicated metric to track in modern EMS aside from patient outcome is system workload. In late 2011, the presenter was asked by the administration of the San Francisco Fire Department how busy the ambulance fleet was. With no definitive answer, a year-long project began to establish benchmarks to measure system workload and optimize deployment, all while a regulator-mandated increase in market share was looming. Topics include basic system measurements, deployment models, presenting and trending data and how to beg, borrow and steal ideas from other EMS managers.

Aside from that I plan on stopping in on a few sessions Wednesday and Thursday and want to see every inch of the show floor. I won't have my usual homebase at the ZOLL booth this year, so look for me on the move, #kilted of course.

Oh, and you'll have a chance to meet the wife! Mrs HM is attending her first EMS conference this year and has no idea what to expect.

Let's all make it a memorable one! See you at EXPO!

Tuesday, September 3

Kilted to Kick Cancer's September Fund Drive has Begun!

Welcome to a pantless 30 days again this year my friends and thank you for helping make the last 2 years an overwhelming success!

You can donate to #TeamHM HERE and in the sidebar

This year Kilted to Kick Cancer is moving forward, not content with the measly $20,000 ish we raised last year.  Some of our bloggers and participants raised money by channeling their inner Trekkie or waxing parts of their body.

Others posted a link on Facebook and raised a few dollars from friends.  Every little bit helps, but it appears some of you need motivation.  A reason to take the 10 seconds to share the links or a few minutes to send in a few bucks so let me start off the month with the following blanket challenge to ALL the fund raisers out there:

If we can raise $50,000 in the month of September through the KTKC contest, I will let Motocop Tazer me.  Yup, I will ride the lightening for charity.

Are you telling me cops wouldn't want to donate 25 bucks to live vicariously through Motorcop as he tazes one of those lazy firemen?  Come on! You Law Enforcement types need to share this info and get fundraising!

Oh, you want more?  OK.

If we raise $60,000 I'll record it on cell phone and post the video on facebook.

Still not enough?

If we can break $75,000 I'll talk filmmaker Thaddeus Setla into filming  it in HD, edit it, slow mo the smile on MC's face and post it for all the world to see.

These may seem like unrealistic goals, but if you went back to 2010 and told me the late night idea to wear kilts all month would eventually turn into a world wide cancer awareness campaign I'd have laughed and laughed.


So take the first step in getting me tazered by clicking on the link in the sidebar and click off a couple bucks.  Then go find a law enforcement blog, facebook page etc and share this link.  Let's get some funds raised for Prostate Caner Foundation, Livestrong and BlueCure!

If I can wear a kilt for a month and get tazered by a cop to get just one man to talk to his doctor, change his diet and avoid/lessen his risk of cancer, shouldn't I?  If I can do all that, can you spare a few bucks to help?


Get Kilted!

Get Checked!