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An official sponsor of the What's Your Emergency Podcast, Audible is offering a free 30 day trial and a FREE ebook when you sign up using our link. Don't know where to start choosing a title?  Use my reading list to get you started.

Stealth Angel Survival *
Browse their line of survival gear, tools and supplies. I reviewed their Survival Kit 2.0 on Youtube and gave one away!  More giveaways in the future!

Black Diamond X2 Structural Firefighting Boots
I wear these and have for years.  Incredibly comfortable on the fireground and with a great fit. Learn more HERE.

Audio Technic AT2020 Studio Microphone *
We started using these microphones for the What's Your Emergency Podcast.  They're XLR, not USB so we can run them into our new 6 channel mixer and balance our separate voices.  Makes the show sound great!  Learn More here and get yours!

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