Thursday, December 31

You Make the Call...Chili Cookoff

You Make the Call

I get a fair number of emails at, most asking me to send them money in some elaborate purchase scheme. Nigerian Prince or not, I'm not even sure where to send a money gram anymore.  But, every now and again someone will write asking my humble advice or just wanting to rant. I like reading those because I know how good it feels to get everything out, even if to a total stranger.

But when I got the following email from a person calling themselves "fireman88" in "Buttasscold, Michigan" I was curious to read more.
Mr BAC asked me about a situation he found himself in a few years back and wondered since I do a feature about making decisions would I like to give his situation a try. Naturally I decided to ask all of you, so here you go:

We have a traditional chili cook-off every year for the department and it raises money for gear and rigs and training and stuff. We used to have only fire fighters cook chili but some local businesses got into it and they cook too now. One of them a B-B-Q place has won a lot of awards and always wins now. I had to do a preplan of their BBQ place soon after the cook off and it was nasty. I would never eat there anymore. Nothing was unsafe, OK, just dirty and smelly and nasty. When I told my Chief about it he told me not to upset the owner because he donates a lot to the neighborhood.

I read this and imagined myself back in the kitchen of a local fast food joint a few years back doing a similar thing. I won't say the name of the place, but when the kid told me they never clean out the chili bin, just add more, I have yet to order the chili cheese tater tots again.

But, what should our cold friend fireman88 do in this situation?  He never mentions if he is career or volunteer, but I think the situation is the same regardless.

I'll give my response on Monday and, if you're reading this fireman88, check your inbox I want to hear what you did. Email me or post it in the comments section here.