Friday, April 20

Resuscitation, Can you perform a task and still run the code?

The short answer is YES.

The long answer is also YES.

A quote running around the interwebs today I first saw in my feed from Sam Ghali @EM_RESUS on Twitter.

I get the gist of the message, that we need a team approach to Resus and every team needs a leader who can stand back and run things without getting tunnel vision on any one task.

I also don't believe the statement to be accurate that "If you're running a resuscitation while performing a procedure you're likely doing neither very well."  Multitasking has been proven to reduce the attention given to each task, so don't try to burn me there, but there are tasks at a resus our rural friends are well familiar with.
Back in the day (it was a Thursday) we ran codes with 3 people.  2 EMTs and 1 Paramedic.  Sometimes one of the EMTs was an intermediate and we could throw them on the access task.

Now that I'm in the urban setting we have plenty of people to run a code effectively.  Eventually.

There have been a number of times I have been running the recus while performing a task.  Usually access.  It's muscle memory and can be accomplished rather quickly and easily while still monitoring CPR quality, BVM usage and the rhythm on the monitor.  I'll grab the sharp and run a BGL, open the airway kit and place it next to the head as they set up the BVM, there are a number of tasks and skills that can be done effectively by the team leader.  If I don't get involved and we delay access, are we helping?  Not really.

There is a big push for us to focus on the Pit Crew method, or High Performance Method, or whatever it will be called next week and I understand why.  It helps.

Sam's statement was meant to provoke thought and challenge the old ways, not to establish new policy in our systems and I understand that, but we also need to be realistic about the ability of EMS providers to complete one task while monitoring others.  I'm not going to BVM and try to get access at the same time, but I may need to BVM and run the code at the same time until more help arrives.  And that's OK.

Challenge the norms, find the weaknesses, address them, learn from near misses and apply sound judgement.

Wednesday, April 18

FDIC - Let's Do This!

Pack your bags and get ready for a full conference next week as we once again take over Inianapolis, IN for FDIC!

This year I'll be bringing back Engine Company: First Strike MCI, a class focused on the Engine Company being first in on an MCI.  We discuss pre-planning, setting expectations of your Company and how to make the first 90 seconds go smoothly.

Leave your vests, tarps and fancy tags for later, this is the nitty gritty of MCI Initial Operations.

Crowd estimation, what it means to transmit "Business as usual," tasks for your engine driver...all this and more will be covered!  Hope to see you there!  Thursday, 3:30 PM, Room 120-122!

Monday, April 16

Happy Medic on the Code 3 Podcast - Visiting a Firehouse Without Being a Jerk

Awhile back I was contacted by Scott Orr, award winning journalist and host of the Code 3 Podcast, the Firefighters podcast."  He wanted to ask me about an article I wrote about how to visit a firehouse without being a jerk.

The article got a wide array of comments, as you can imagine, but Scott just wanted to find out how to visit a firehouse without being "that guy."
From the podcast page:

If you’re like most firefighters, when you go on vacation, you like to stop by firehouses and say hello, check out the apparatus, the gear…
But sometimes, firefighters make the worst guests. They just don’t seem to know the rules.
As a guide, Justin Schorr wrote a column for on how to visit a firehouse without being a jerk. He was a guest on this episode of Code 3 to explain the hows and whys of being a guest.

It was fun to be on, go have a listen!

Friday, April 13

the Crossover Podcast - ep 150 - Listener Takes Exception to the "Three Disciplines"

In this episode, HM and MC get called out on their bullshit! “Three disciplines, indeed,” says listener and The Crossover Show supporter, Art.
Well, “Art”…if that’s your real name…jokes on you! Just when the guys started hashing out Art’s complaint, they realize Art made a crucial error.

In other news, a former Missouri medic is in a wee bit o’ trouble after stealing some meds.
How did he get away with it?
Simple answer: Shitty Bookkeeping.
Cue Happy Medic losing his mind about the quality of Kansas City Fire’s management of inventory and record keeping.


US Cryotherapy – Walnut Creek
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Friday, April 6

the Crossover Podcast - Ep 149 - Death and Taxes and Beer

In this episode, HM and MC have a special in-studio guest, Kim from KMS Tax Prep…better known as Mrs. HM.

Nepotism is alive and well at #TheCrossoverShow, friends!
Regardless, it is indeed tax season and Kim is here to give you some tax tips! You may not like taxes, but they are, as the show title intimates, inevitable. So, pay attention!
Kim and the boys discuss, amongst other things:
  • Do you need a CPA to prepare your taxes?
  • Can you write-off your meals/haircut/etc.?
  • Why aren’t your taxes due on April 15th this year?
  • And much more…
Listen, friends, taxes are unavoidable. You can be smart with your money and be prepared or you can choose to half-ass your hard-earned cash and wonder what happened when the IRS repossesses your life. Don’t be a sucker…get you a certified tax preparer.
You know…like KMS Tax Prep!
The Final Day by William Forstchen
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