the Crossover Podcast - Ep 149 - Death and Taxes and Beer

In this episode, HM and MC have a special in-studio guest, Kim from KMS Tax Prep…better known as Mrs. HM.

Nepotism is alive and well at #TheCrossoverShow, friends!
Regardless, it is indeed tax season and Kim is here to give you some tax tips! You may not like taxes, but they are, as the show title intimates, inevitable. So, pay attention!
Kim and the boys discuss, amongst other things:
  • Do you need a CPA to prepare your taxes?
  • Can you write-off your meals/haircut/etc.?
  • Why aren’t your taxes due on April 15th this year?
  • And much more…
Listen, friends, taxes are unavoidable. You can be smart with your money and be prepared or you can choose to half-ass your hard-earned cash and wonder what happened when the IRS repossesses your life. Don’t be a sucker…get you a certified tax preparer.
You know…like KMS Tax Prep!
The Final Day by William Forstchen
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