the Crossover Podcast - ep 150 - Listener Takes Exception to the "Three Disciplines"

In this episode, HM and MC get called out on their bullshit! “Three disciplines, indeed,” says listener and The Crossover Show supporter, Art.
Well, “Art”…if that’s your real name…jokes on you! Just when the guys started hashing out Art’s complaint, they realize Art made a crucial error.

In other news, a former Missouri medic is in a wee bit o’ trouble after stealing some meds.
How did he get away with it?
Simple answer: Shitty Bookkeeping.
Cue Happy Medic losing his mind about the quality of Kansas City Fire’s management of inventory and record keeping.


US Cryotherapy – Walnut Creek
Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman
Build Stuff with Wood by Asa Christiana
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