Friday, November 20

The Crossover Talks Trouble Kids and Empathy

crossoverlogo300What could possibly go wrong, right?


This week on the world's first, best and only Police, Fire and EMS podcast Motorcop and Happy Medic welcome Mrs Motorcop for a much needed discussion.

MClet #3 is giving them trouble.  Nothing they do seems to help, but some careful research and a lot of time and effort seem to be making a difference.  I take that conversation and try to stretch it into police dealing with a trouble neighborhood or police leadership dealing with trouble employees.

We also discuss empathy and where it fits in for the three disciplines as well as for our families.

She certainly classed up the joint for this show and we hope you enjoy it.


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Sunday, November 15

Am I Qualified for the Fire Department? - Reader Question

An email came in on the internets machine from a fellow reader of yours asking to remain anonymous.  It reads:

"In your expertise, have candidates with no experience been able to be hired as a firefighter, or emt, or police officer?"  He goes on to mention that his only previous experience is a CPR card that has expired.

Signed, Wondering.


Well, Wondering, how about this for an answer:  It depends.

If I was sitting across the desk from you at SmallTown FD your resume would find its way onto the floor.  Chances are I need someone who can hit the ground running, who I simply need to train to the basic differences of how we do things.  I'll need you EMT at the minimum and with at least a few years experience.


Now, If I'm at BigCity FD I have the time and resources to train you from the ground up including CPR and EMT.  Although many Departments have chosen to let you get that sorted out ahead of time and make it a requirement for application.  Larger departments often discourage experienced or lateral hires because it is harder to change the way you do things than it is to teach you from the beginning.


That's on the fire side but really does carry over into EMS and I think it is safe to say law enforcement.  Smaller agencies can't afford to train you and prefer someone who has already proven themselves elsewhere.

You may have a chance, Wondering, but if it comes down to you and someone with even a valid CPR card I have to wonder how much you really want the job if you let the easiest thing lapse.

So here is your ToDo list in the next 6 months, Wondering:

  1. Retake CPR.

  2. Sign up for an EMT class at the local college.

  3. Go do a ride along at your local ambulance company/service and fire department.

With these things accomplished I can look across the table at you as a fresh face and see that you were willing to do what you can to get your feet in the door.  Not to mention you know some names and have a better understanding of the system.


Good luck Wondering!  See you at the big one!

Friday, November 6

New Crossover Podcast and Uniform Stories Link!

Hello internets machine!

This Friday, like most, I want to share a few links with you.


crossoverlogo300First,  Episode 28 of the Crossover Show is up and ready for your favorite podcast reader to feed into your earholes.  This week HM and our law enforcement expert MC discuss technology used in police training, the possibility of MC wearing a body camera (and what one of his co-workers thinks of it), we touch on the South Carolina cell phone video making the rounds and of course end up going WAY off topic.

Have a listen HERE




While that plays in the background, get some work done or hit the treadmill. When done head over to Uniform Stories for my latest article: "5 Things Urban Firefighters Take for Granted" and let me know if I missed any.  Coming in a few weeks, what I learned about how good I have things when on a recent trip and seeing this firehouse: