Monday, May 28

the Crossover - Episode 20 - Better Late than Never

We don't even remember when we recorded this show.  Motorcop has been hiding it in his laptop during the Sergeant's exam process and we finally got Happy over to actually complete it and upload it.

Anyhow, come listen to the show Good Morning America calls "We do not accept requests for review of material."

Seriously, we don't remember what we talked about. It's been too long.


IE users, Y U no tell me the blog looked like shit?

Yes, I swore.  In the title.

I accidentally clicked on IE on the home computer and didn't notice until the blog loaded.  Slowly...and wrong.

I have no idea how long you've been looking at a sub standard version of what I have created for you and for that I apologize.  But really, not one email about how shitty it looked?  I can only assume that since 40% of you are visiting using Internet Explorer, you've wondered why the sidebar was at the bottom, why there was a bunch of stuff 8000 pixels to the right and yet no one thinks to drop me a line?

Or did you think I was just a coding idiot and decided to give me the internet version of the pat on the head and a "Oh bless his heart?"

So here we go: is best viewed using anything other than Internet Explorer.

Try Chrome or Firefox (international visitors, find your appropriate versions), both accept all formats of programming language and will greatly enhance your interwebs experience.  My writing is better in Firefox, the porn is classier and all the political humor is on your side.

It's not perfect in IE, never really will be, so for your own sake, grab a new browser and do us all a favor.

And those of you reading the mobile version: disregard.

Sunday, May 27

Gephyrophobiacs Beware

Today is the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge.

She was first dreamed of by railroad tycoon  Charles Crocker in 1872 for the simple reason of shortening the trip from the north bay areas to the bustling gold boomtown of San Francisco. In 1916 the idea was revisited by James H. Wilkins, a structural engineer and newspaper editor for the San Francisco Call Bulletin paper, which caught the attention of the City Engineer Michael O'Shaughnessy who pitched the idea of a bridge to span the Golden Gate in 1919.

The San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific Ocean at the Golden Gate, a 3 mile long, 1 mile wide span with tides ranging 8 feet and an average 5 knots.  The technology to span such a waterway was new and would take an enormous investment.  O'Shaughnessy's plan? Charge a toll and the bridge will pay for itself.

Senior Engineer Charles Ellis took the reins shortly after the project was resurrected after the Wall Street crash of 1929. In 1930 local voters approved a bond to build the $25 million bridge ($323 million adjusted to today's dollars) but there were no banks that would sell the bond.  Newly formed Bank of America stepped in and just 4 years later the bridge was complete and under budget by over $1 million.

[yframe url='']

1937 rate for Golden Gate Bridge tolls, and general rules of the bridge district


That crossing today is $6 and subsidizes a network of buses and ferries that help divert the ever increasing motor traffic off the bridge.

She's been in a number of films and continues to attract tourists who enjoy walking across for a fabulous view of the City.  She has also seen countless confused souls take their last step of life.

She serves as an icon to the world, show her towers to anyone anywhere and they can tell you where she lives.  75 years young and still standing strong.  Every year she gets a fresh coat of International Orange Paint and watches the ships go in and out.  The color was the original sealant used prior to the coat of silver, but the locals lobbied to keep her orange.  The navy, always concerned for safety, agreed to the orange instead of their original request of black with yellow stripes to aid ships in navigating the towers.  Thank God.

Here's to another 75 years!

Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge.

Tuesday, May 22

Attention all units in the field

I need 3 minutes of your time for a worthy cause.


Today about 300 of you will visit this little blog. I need each and every one of you to complete the following steps and we can have an enormous impact on the future of EMS.  This being EMS Week, I figured you'd be up to it.


Support Setla Films by voting for them to be awarded a $250,000 grant from Chase and Living Social.

1. Go to and on the bottom right side of the site you click on “Log In & Support“. You can use your facebook credentials to make it easy.

2. type “First Responders Network” as the business

3. click on “California” as the city

4. click on “Benicia” as the City

5. click on VOTE


Easy Peasy, you're almost done.

Now all you need to do is come back here, click on the share buttons to the right and share the link to this post on facebook, twitter and all the other sites you can until the 3 minutes you promised are up.  Fair enough?

The networks don't think EMS is ready to get back into prime time.  You want to let them win or prove we can't be kept down? We WILL get a positive EMS message into the homes of every American if we take advantage of these kinds of opportunities!

All Setla Films needs is 250 votes to get nominated.  I say we give him more than he needs to show these folks his mission has a grassroots following!


Who's with me?

Friday, May 18

Rants may be Welcome, but Beware

A new site has popped up overnight (seems they're coming fast these days) that is catering to a certain niche in our community:

The complainers.

Well, not really complainers, but those who need to vent.

I consider myself an expert on blog therapy and see this new site going one of two ways.

It will either be a tremendous hit or a disastrous flop, taking down the site owners, administrators and contributors.

It seems like a perfect idea.  Send in your EMS rant, they clean it up and post it anonymously.  Seems perfect.  Get it off your chest and move on.  They have all comments disabled, and with good reason, the troll factor would be incredible.

But, if a certain agency tries hard enough because they see something hitting a little too close to home, the entire house of rant could fall bringing every single poster into the light.

Be warned my friends, if you use this site you could walking into a delayed disaster.  But on the other hand, if you're careful enough and can find some relief from getting your negative feelings out in a controlled environment (not at work or with a patient) who am I to stop you.

I'll be visiting the site regularly, for the same reason I visit Fail blog, to watch the silly words and grab a smile.


Hey Motorcop, do you LEOs have anything like this?

Seems like the right time to say this too: I am not the owner or operator of that site.

Tuesday, May 15

Our Lady of Sorrows indeed

Oh dear Lord.

Arizona's Our Lady of Sorrows Academy forfeited the state championship game because of a girl.  Not because one of their star pitchers was enamoured with the blonde in his history class, but because their opponent's team has a girl.

No need to check your calendars, it is still 2012.

The school has a strong religious belief that boys and girls are to be taught separately and that is their right.  Knock yourselves out.  But you're missing a big opportunity here to actually EDUCATE your students about life.

While you segregate your students due to your religious beliefs the rest of the world is moving on and your students, while adhering to your religious beliefs, are less prepared to enter it.

The other team has a girl?  Starting at second base?  Egads!  Next she'll want to vote!

The player in question, Paige Sultzbach, has sat out previous matches due to the Our Lady of Sorrows beliefs, but finally stood up for her own when it came to the big game.  Kudos, Paige.  She has already been impacted negatively by the narrow views of the other school, perhaps they could suck it up and show some respect and just let the kids play baseball?  But no, their views don't allow the possibility of physical contact between the students.  They demand others bend to their beliefs but refuse to do the same for others.

Seriously?  It's baseball, what's going to happen?  Someone tries to steal second, Paige tags them out, and they kiss?  Perhaps the teachings they've been presented are proven false?  Then they have to go home and explain how they lost to a girl?


I think I understand now.

Parents of Our Lady of Sorrow Academy in Arizona: I respect your religious beliefs and would never question your right to raise your children as you see fit, but I truly hope you see how ill prepared they will be to enter a world where Paige can do anything they can, possibly better, despite all your attempts to teach them the opposite.


Let them play, they're kids.


Rock on, Paige.  My little girls saw your story tonight and smiled.


Friday, May 11

Give me a Better Company Mission Statement

When I attended ZOLL Summit there were a number of presentations about unifying the crews around a common goal, a mission statement.

I'm sure most of you have a mission statement in the 5-8 sentence category going on and on about what high level, competent sensitive care you give pre-hospital and how you strive and compassion and blah blah blah.

Can we get a REAL mission statement here?


If you were asked to write your company's mission statement... what would it be?  Bloggers, what should it entail? What should it mean? Who should it inspire? our people? Their People? Anyone? Anything?



Saturday, May 5

Please Albert, not in mixed company

Sometimes we spend a few days with like minded folks and forget that we speak differently when around them.  We speak candidly about our jobs, our frustrations and our opinions of others not like us.


When waiting with a large crowd for the train at the airport it is not advisable to have a raucous conversation about people who commit suicide by jumping off of buildings.  You compared highest falls, genders, dispersal of remains, even splatter patterns.  The disgusted looks you were getting from those around you went unnoticed by you but I'm sure they took note of your ambulance companies which were prominently displayed on your shirts.  I tried to get your attention to distract you, but when you made the Humpty Dumpty joke, I decided to pretend I was offended too.  It wasn't hard at all.


Friday, May 4

Bring on the Post Conference Let Down

Once again another great ZOLL Summit has come to a close and I have so many exciting things to take back to my system my brain hurts.

I know many of you think that means I didn't get too much, but the trick is prioritizing.

Many of the data systems currently deployed by my agency are not being leveraged for their full potential.  Many of the reasons for this can be traced back to one problem in particular:


Moving data.


Many of the users I have spoken to are moving data reliably and are able to analyze it and act on it.  We have trouble moving data and as a result spend time we could be using analyzing on chasing data.

There have been a number of solutions presented, but a glaring system wide issue keeps us from moving forward and maximizing our efficiencies.

I attended a session today where the speaker talked about how to leverage technology to get your crews from a .4 UHU to a .44 UHU.



We're averaging a .9.  If my crews had a .44 they'd probably throw a parade for whoever did it.

After the presentation I was approached by my counterpart at a large East Coast agency who wanted to know how we got so efficient with our field supervisors.  We're all doing something great and need to share it.

Getting ready to head for the airport I wonder if my excitement about the small enhancements I can implement will get drowned out by the problems awaiting me back at the office.  I can only hope that because I have networked with systems who are succeeding where mine is struggling, we can work on solutions that are mutually beneficial.


We'll see I guess, but first it's the 14 day drive from Denver to the Denver Airport.  I'll send up a beacon if we get lost.