Friday, April 21

FDIC 2017 - Structural Response to Aviation Incidents: Engine Company Operations

I am honored to be invited back to FDIC for my third year, this time speaking on the expectations of the Engine Company when responding to aviation incidents.  I had been considering this course for last year's FDIC but wasn't sure exactly how to phrase some of the issues.

I gave it another year and tested some of the content on other audiences and here we are.

Attendees of the 0830 class on Friday (you can sleep in tomorrow) will be given the opportunity to learn about aviation incidents both on the airfield and off, as well as how to handle an aircraft on the wheels and off.  We won't go deep into ARFF tactics since we're focusing on the Engine Company response but we will cover the differences in responding with and without an ARFF element.

I'm not going to kill you with powerpoint or try to replace the 40 hour Basic ARFF class, just offer advice on how to handle a situation that is more common than active shootings and has the potential to cause massive disruption in your community.  However, don't think massive disaster, think more of a 70 passenger commuter jet making an emergency landing at a local airstrip used just for general aviation.  Probably no ARFF there...what will you do?

Come by Wabash Room 2 and get a FREE planespotting guide as well as a code for a FREE ebook.  There is literally nothing to lose except sleep.  See you there!

Friday, April 14

I Got Lost Going to a Call - So I made sure everyone knew about it

Seriously.  I've been at this assignment 3 years now and while the vendors do change quite often I also spend a lot of time walking the terminals.  Part of the reason is to check the AEDs and the other is to better know my way around.  I like to think I know where things are, which anyone can tell you is a dangerous feeling.

Today I was dispatched to Tomokazu, an eatery in Terminal 3.  The dispatch was "At Tomokazu, Boarding area Foxtrot."

The medic unit was responding from another station so I never saw them arrive.  When I pulled up to the noodle place in Boarding area Foxtrot I didn't see my team or any commotion whatsoever.  Just then they called on the radio asking for a better location and that they were unable to find the patient.

"Me neither" I said to myself and kept looking.

They called a few seconds later and stated "patient contact in the seating area of Firewood."

Wait. Shit.

There's no Firewood Grill anywhere near me.  The closest one is a good 5 minute walk away in another part of the terminal.  My heart jumped into my throat.

"I didn't goto the wrong place, Tomokazu is right there."  I turned to prove to myself I was right.

And was standing in front of Sankaku, an eatery in Terminal 3, Boarding area Foxtrot.

I went to the wrong place.

As I was about to notify the crew of my error they cleared scene on a refusal of assessment.

I went straight to the firehouse and did what few do.  I told my wayward tale and made sure everyone knew the difference between the two eateries and the easiest way to get to each one.

Part punishment, part training, but now I will never again mix up those 2 places.


I hope.

Sunday, April 9

Crossover Podcast Ep 102 Mrs Happy Medic and Mike the Cop

In this episode, MC and HM welcome TWO special guests: Mrs. HM and Mike the Cop!

Back on Episode 97, the guys talked about bringing in one’s job to the proposal/wedding festivities. Today, Mrs. HM and Mike the Cop chime in and give you their opinion’s as well!

You’ll also learn about Mike’s penchant for whiskey-infused video game excursions and his presence on the dark web.


Thursday, April 6

Arby's Roast Beef Ad angers EMTs, not sure why

Grab your pitch forks kids, this is going to get uncomfortable.


Paramedics on Facebook recently shared an image credited to a person they call "Jason."  Thank you for posting the pic Jason, if that is your real name.  The image is from an Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich fast food place that serves a good item at a fair price.  There, that's out of the way, now give me my curly fries.


The image is meant to encourage employment applicants by showing them that if they start at Arby's they could move up to being an EMT.  Not a direct promotion you understand, but a starting point to other things.  The image (in case it is taken down) shows a torso with an Arby's apron on one side and in a uniform holding an orange bag on the other.

Clearly their message is "We know you're looking for something else, why not start here?"

I get it.  I love it. I support it 100%.

We in EMS seem to have a hate-hate relationship with the fast food service industry lately and I can't figure out why.  One of them attracts people with questionable motives, gives them barely any training then let's them handle complicated equipment and interact with the public without any training or oversight.  The other takes me to the hospital.

American EMTs are some of the least trained technicians around and we keep it that way on purpose.  We wave a few weeks of night school at an 18 year old with the promise of red lights and sirens and hope they don't notice the pay and conditions suck at their inter facility transfer company.

Besides, I can't remember the last time I went into a food establishment and saw anyone under 30 doing anything more than busing tables.

If you want to get upset at the Arby's ad, fine, but realize that we were actually chosen as a profession someone should aspire to attain.

Someone at the ad agency for Arby's had their pick of trades to choose.  Her half could have been a baker, a construction worker, in scrubs or any number of easily recognizable jobs.

They chose that little blue star and are telling the community "Start here, go anywhere" and one of those anywheres is us.  You may not like our little seat at the far end of the table but we're slowly getting there.

Now take your outrage and wonder why you think it's funny to give a failing intern a fast food application yet still get upset at this ad.