I Got Lost Going to a Call - So I made sure everyone knew about it

Seriously.  I've been at this assignment 3 years now and while the vendors do change quite often I also spend a lot of time walking the terminals.  Part of the reason is to check the AEDs and the other is to better know my way around.  I like to think I know where things are, which anyone can tell you is a dangerous feeling.

Today I was dispatched to Tomokazu, an eatery in Terminal 3.  The dispatch was "At Tomokazu, Boarding area Foxtrot."

The medic unit was responding from another station so I never saw them arrive.  When I pulled up to the noodle place in Boarding area Foxtrot I didn't see my team or any commotion whatsoever.  Just then they called on the radio asking for a better location and that they were unable to find the patient.

"Me neither" I said to myself and kept looking.

They called a few seconds later and stated "patient contact in the seating area of Firewood."

Wait. Shit.

There's no Firewood Grill anywhere near me.  The closest one is a good 5 minute walk away in another part of the terminal.  My heart jumped into my throat.

"I didn't goto the wrong place, Tomokazu is right there."  I turned to prove to myself I was right.

And was standing in front of Sankaku, an eatery in Terminal 3, Boarding area Foxtrot.

I went to the wrong place.

As I was about to notify the crew of my error they cleared scene on a refusal of assessment.

I went straight to the firehouse and did what few do.  I told my wayward tale and made sure everyone knew the difference between the two eateries and the easiest way to get to each one.

Part punishment, part training, but now I will never again mix up those 2 places.


I hope.