Tuesday, March 20

the Crossover Podcast - Ep 146 - Chillin.

Chillin' as in just hanging out?  No.  Chillin' as in 170 degrees below zero.

In this epsiode, the guys chill…to the extreme. MC and HM take a little sojourn to MC’s newest obsession: Cryotherapy.
Cool, right?
Beyond machine gun-like puns, the guys talk to the proprietor of US Cyrotherapy – Walnut Creek, Tim Fitzgerald, about exactly what “Cryo” (that’s the lingo, I’m told) is and what it can do for you. Beyond simply being really friggin’ cold, the facility at US Cryotherapy offers an array of services including:
  • Red light therapy
  • Hydro-massage
  • Infrared sauna
  • Normatech sleeves
  • Localized cryotherapy for troublesome spots
Stiff or sore after a long shift? Cryo can help mitigate that problem.
Got joint issues from carrying God knows how much weight on your belt, back, vest for countless years? Cryo can help relieve that pain.
Want ten minutes to yourself and get a wee-bit pampered at the same time? Cryo, baby.
If you’re local to Walnut Creek, stop in at US Cryotherapy and tell them you heard about them from Motorcop and, if you’re a first responder (to include ER docs/nurses and military), you can choose from three services and get them for free on your first visit. If you’re a civvie, they’ll give you the first visit for only $37 (that’s $10 off!)
Supporters of The Crossover Show (over at Patreon.com/TCS) also get a bonus…video of MC and HM experiencing HM’s first-ever cryo session. (HE’S NOT WEARING A SHIRT, Y’ALL!)

Quick aside from me a week later: When you go in for these treatments or any others make sure you are 100% honest with yourself and the proprietors.  I went in feeling less than 100% under an intense amount of self administered stress about work.  My hopes were to see if the treatments helped.  The resulting intensity overwhelmed my body and made me very sick.  I have since recovered, mostly, but wish I had been honest with myself and said "You've stressed yourself to the edge of sickness, don't give your body more than it can handle."

It does not turn me off from possibly visiting US Cryotherapy again, but I first must get healthy in the brain hole.  Not an easy task, as many of you know.

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Sunday, March 4

The Frequent Frequent Flier Flier

It happened. Gorram it, Mal, it finally happened.

I got a return customer who's a frequent flier!  Airport humor...it takes a minute.


Aircraft inbound with a woman experiencing dizziness and nausea.


After the steak chili we just downed for lunch at the firehouse I'm experiencing the same symptoms.  The flight number sounds familiar and the City of origin sounds familiar as well.  You see, while the rest of the EMS world gets and address, I get a story...

"Medical Emergency reported, TWA flight 101, inbound from Taipei ETA one five minutes (no one says multiple digit numbers at the airport, it's the coolest thing!) to gate G55, female in seat 27Alpha, Blue shirt, black shoes, oversized pink roller bag with a kitten on the tag...unknown medical."

No, seriously, sometimes they give us the most insane details about the person, except for the reason we're heading over there.  A few moment later we get the update that she feels like I do and before I can burp the aircraft pulls up to the gate and the doors open and...wait...did they say "pink roller bag with a kitten?"  Is this dejavu?

There she is.

The same woman I saw yesterday for the same symptoms.  Already returned from her stint overseas because, please note the quotes, "I'm too sick to fly."

Let's do the math.  14.5 hours here...deported for forged documents (claimed nausea, asked for Paramedics), 14.5 hours home, time to forge new documents and book another flight, then the next flight back, another 14.5 hours.

Woman has stamina.  And nausea.  And requests to be taken to the hospital as fast as possible before she gets sent back again.