Wednesday, September 24

...for the fall...

The following is an exchange between rescuers and a middle aged man. The names have been changed to protect my sanity.


Happy Medic (HM)- "Hi down there"
Momma's Boy (MB)- "Hello" Odor of alcohol
HM - "What happened? Did you fall down the stairs?"
MB - "No, I was told to lay down by my orthopedic surgeon." From the floor at the bottom of the garage stairs.
HM - "Are you hurt or in pain at all?"
Momma - "He hasn't felt anything in 20 years!" From the top of the stairs.
HM - "Can you elaborate Ma'am?"
Momma - "Look in his bag, he always has it."
MB - "No, you don't have permission to search me!"
HM - "Funny, I'm not a cop. Unless you can tell me why you're laying on the ground, I have to search your person for life threatening medications or substances that may require treatment."
MB - "No, it's mine!" Wrestling bag nearby as empty bottles fall out.
HM - "So, let's talk more about why you're on the floor. Are you often on the floor or is this a new event in your day."
MB - "I told you my orthopedic surgeon told me to lay down right away."
HM - "I notice you're not near a phone...wait...'surgeon' you said, what operation did you undergo?" Thinking the bottles may be to mask pain.
MB - "No operation. I hate doctors."
HM - "Why are you here. On the floor. In the doorway?" His lower back in over the bedroom threshold.
HM - "Sir, are you able to stand at all? Are you injured or in pain at all?"
Momma - "You get him up and out of here. He's not even supposed to be living here anymore. Get a job!"
HM - "Ma'am did you call just to get him out of the house?"
Momma - "Last time he was sober and they said he could stay but I waited until he got drunk again and called. Now I know you have to take him."
MB - "False arrest! False arrest!" At the top of his lungs.
HM - "We're not the police sir."

Momma's Boy refused to get out of the doorway and never did elaborate on why he was on the ground. Momma likely changed the locks while he was away.

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Aj said...

I too had a sililiar incident where the mom called because her adult son couldn't urinate. Upon our arrival and interview the son said he was fine. It eventually came out that he was making noise and she couldn't sleep. Therefore any logical person would call 911 to get rid of her 36yo son for a night. Aj