Friday, September 26

...for the overdose...

Illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol it could be anything when this is the chief complaint and since there are so many different varieties of things to overdose on, the treatments can vary just as widely. That is of course unless the reason you are high is your teenage daughter.

A woman has called 911 stating that she is overdosing and feels as though she is going to die. The woman also advises the dispatcher that her teenage daughter may also be ill but is unable to contact her via cell phone. Rescuers arrive at the scene to find a middle aged woman seated on her bed rubbing her hands together as if she is trying to start a fire. She mentions something about her religion in Spanish and reaches out to us, "Help me!" she calls out, "The cookies are making me crazy!" The package handed to us is a legally sanctioned, with prescription, THC marijuana laced 'pot' cookie. Half eaten. She and her daughter were going to share a cookie but the daughter took one whole one and left mom to eat hers alone.

Seeing no life threat, and curious to know more about the conditions that warrant marijuana cookies, we decide to dive deeper into the need for the treatment. "I have arthritis" she tells us,"and my daughter said I should get medicine for it." The more we talk with her the more we learn that last week, the daughter, 16, gave mom a brochure for a local 'Marijuana Clinic' where you can receive a prescription for marijuana products for a wide variety of conditions. When we asked her when her arthritis got so bad she needed treatment we learned that it was the person at the clinic that told her she had arthritis and would benefit from their product. The daughter recommended to mom that she buy the cookies, in bulk, and that the daughter should have some too for her, well, lady troubles. So the daughter was gone and mom is paranoid. "Am I going to die?" she asks and I can never pass up answering, "We're all going to die. But you'll make it to tomorrow." "But the cookies took away my pain," "So will Heroin, Motrin, Beer, Meditation, any number of treatments could help, but keep them to yourself. Your daughter doesn't need to take part in your medication."

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