Sunday, September 21

...for the unconscious...

Potentially life threatening, unconsciousness can be caused by a variety of conditions from the basic exertion (sleeping) to the dead (dead). So what does it mean when our unconscious patient waves us down?

Dispatch reports a woman has called and says that her elderly sister is unconscious, but breathing. Racing to the scene we discuss interventions that may be needed: Medications, oxygen, possibly defibrillation, maybe...wait...this is the that a suitcase?

The elderly sister has been pushed onto the front doorstep, dressed in her sunday best, hat and all, with a suitcase. We see this from time to time when folks with elaborate medical problems know they'll be staying in hospital for a few days.
"I want to go for my colonoscopy early." She comments while pointing to the suitcase. "We're not a taxi service Ma'am, do you have an emergency?" "I told you, I need to goto my colonoscopy and if I get there early I can be ready." "Ma'am, it's 330 in the morning, do you think this can wait until later in the day?" She stopped going down the stairs and looks back up onto the doorstep, where we're standing. "I'm going and you're taking me." "Is there any way I can convince you how inappropriate this is or are you set on taking an ambulance to get ready for your colonoscopy?" She thought about it for a minute then turned back down he stairs slowly and waddled to the ambulance and waited near the door. When the ER nurse asked the chief complaint when we arrived I asked, "Mine or hers?"

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