Sunday, September 21 investigate the odor...

An odd chemical smell in your home can be scary. Almost as scary as the cause.

Residents are noticing a foul chemical odor in their home and have been given instructions to evacuate and await rescuers.

Arriving on the scene units note there is a slight smell in the entryway and there is no indications of hazardous materials so we head into the home to investigate. The odor is faintly familiar and focused in the kitchen. We bring the home owner in to tell us what he had been doing just prior to first noticing the odor and he pointed at the dishwasher. We opened the door to find the odor caused by a plastic container lid down against the heating element. It stinks. The homeowner was convinced some strange chemical had been released in his home and refused to accept our explanation. It took removing the melted lid to another area, bringing the smell, to convince him.

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