Tuesday, October 28

...for a 9E1...

Ah the old/new days of the coded dispatch system. A 9E1 is a severe diabetic emergency and as usual with these folks, the address is familiar. A special tip of the helmet to my old medic "Beemer" on this one, this tale never gets old.

A man with uncontrolled insulin dependent diabetes has been found by his family unconscious, again. Rescuers recognize the address as the call is sent over the radio and the conversation starts about who has to convince him to get seen at the hospital this time.

A proper assessment clears the way for the medication of choice and our friend is soon returning to "normal" when he sits bolt upright and surveys the room slowly. He is not panicked, he is not worried or scared, but is almost inquisitive in his eyeballing of the people around him. It is not uncommon for a person in this situation to be slightly disoriented or even confused, but he seems completely awake. He then looks from Beemer (the medic) to me and I ask him, "How do you feel?" He looks at me, almost leaning in to look into my eyes and speaks the single most memorable line of my career, "Who are you people and how do you know my language?"
"You're fine" Beemer says and we spend the next 30 minutes convincing him to take his medication. To this day I always think of him when I'm in this situation.

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Robert said...

Love the blog. Keep up the good work and stay safe.