Thursday, October 23

...for the unconscious...

Well it is 5:30 in the morning, perhaps they're sleeping?

We're tapped out an hour before sun up by a cell phone caller in front of the fire house stating there is an unconscious person in a car. It isn't uncommon for people to sleep in their cars in this area, so we proceed to drive up and down the block looking for the person in the car when we're waved down by someone in the middle of the street. The car nearby is in the middle of the intersection and we're wondering why this person chose to stop there and call 911. Turns out he's calling about the fellow IN the car in the middle of the intersection who, sure enough, is asleep at the wheel.

"Did you try to wake him up?" I asked the caller, expecting the answer of "No" which seems odd since I tapped on the half rolled down window to which the driver awoke, looked around and said, "Oh shoot. I fell asleep. Sorry." And drove away. Our job is not to chase people so we made sure he drove safely as his brake lights disappeared into the pre-dawn morning. The caller simply looked at us with a blank expression, clearly let down that we weren't going to give pursuit. "Anything else we can do for you today Sir?" I asked as I climbed back into the ambulance. We didn't hear a response, I was already on the radio, "Put (this ambulance) back in service, citizen is now awake and driving away." Just in time to get 2 hours sleep before shift change.

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