Saturday, November 15

Attention all units in the field

Attention all companies...

Southern California is getting hit and hit hard. From reports all over the internets, fire companies assigned to the Tea fire are struggling to get a hand on the fast moving fire. No reports of serious injuries on the working side have been noted, fingers crossed.

This is one of the more interesting photos I found:

And it reminded me that in this job, hidden in all the bureaucratic crap, training drills and BS calls, are events that require us to take a calculated risk with our own lives. There are hundreds of firefighters right now putting their lives on the line to save someone's stuff. Not their lives, but their stuff. I saw on TV that Oprah's vacation house might have already burned down. How many task forces were assigned to that neighborhood I wonder? How many firefighters were asked to defend someone's vacation house with their lives?
A firefighter's duty is to protect life and (then) property. When the first task is met, let's all remember to take a breather and remember, it's just stuff.

My thoughts are with the firefighters on the line and in the interface working their butts off so someone's life isn't completely erased with the destruction of their home.

Be safe brothers and sisters. Keep hydrated, change your socks and keep your gloves dry.
That is all.

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