Tuesday, November 25

...for the PD eval...


Our special friend from a previous call has decided to pass out in front of the local drug store after reloading on his favorite poison. PD won't take him in...paper work and all...so in swoops EMS.

As we pull in I recognize this fellow from days earlier and disembark shouting his name on the busy street corner. He looks up at me with a big sloppy smile and says, "Do I like you?"
"No, no you don't like me."
He's amazed I know everything about him before he tells me. The officers who called us in are amazed as well since I already knew asking them to do their jobs was out of the question. We could spend 20 minutes taking him in or 30 minutes arguing with PD, then taking him in anyway. After refusing to stand on his feet even like my 4 month old does, he's in and we're on our way. On the cot he looks over to my boots which are near his head since I'm partially reclined on the bench, report finished.
"You have nice shoes." He tells me, rocking his head back and forth like the dog from the Victorola ads.
"Thanks, you bought them for me. Well, tax payers did. Come to think of it, are you even from here?"
"I moved here from far far away..."
"Well let's get you one step closer shall we?" We continue out of our regular area to a hospital rarely visited, well outside our area.
The staff is less than thrilled we're 'dumping' this fellow here until they run his info and, sure enough, he's supposed to be there. That's where his doctor is.
It should take him at least 3 days to walk back into our first due area. Good thing I have 4 days off.

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