Wednesday, November 19

...for the seizure...

So many in western culture view a person suffering from alcohol withdrawal as having 'withdrawal seizures'. Could it be their body is reacting to living off only grain alcohol and not food? The medical community has yet to decide. Our new friend, however, has made up his mind.


An elderly man's grown son has broken into his apartment, again, in search of liquor money. The police have refused to respond since this appears to happen on a weekly basis. So again the only agency legally REQUIRED to respond is EMS, and away we go.


We arrive on the scene and the engine crew is upstairs already and my driver not only knows where we're going in the building, but has already started filling in the chart with this person's information. Into the apartment we find the elderly man asking that we take his son into custody, not noticing we have no guns, and the son sitting on the couch chatting with rescuers.
"Did you have a seizure today?" I ask him.
"Yeah, withdrawal seizures, nasty ones." He answers, odor of cheap wine spreading throughout the room.
"Have you eaten recently?" I inquire as the engine crew leaves.
"Do you think that is the reason you have this condition?"
"I want detox." He shouts at us suddenly realizing the reason for this call. We find through the course of our conversation that repeated trips to various detox programs have done little to change the habits of our friend on account of his 'inability to go cold turkey.'
On the way down the stairs he begins flirting with my female driver and any other female that passes by. Down to the lobby and I step out to make some phone calls to find our new friend some help. When I return not 5 minutes later, he's gone. He told my partner he didn't want someone else telling him how to live and he walked away. No doubt we'll likely see him next shift, when I'll be able to fill in his info early.

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