Thursday, November 20

...for the unknown medical...Part I

You know its a rough night on the medic van when every engine you meet is bright eyed and wide awake on every run you go on. Last night was one of those nights and I'd be in a bad mood but there was a cosmic connection between the hilarity of the calls and the teamwork on behalf of my partner and I this particular eve. This shift yields not 1, not 2, but 3 examples of how mainstream society has lost their way and EMS is there to sort out the mess and pick up the pieces.

First, we'll start with a riddle:
What's red and white and hasn't slept all night?

Now on with the dispatch...

Unknown medical aid is the administration's way of showing an ambulance responded quickly, mainly because when you call and say I need an ambulance, they send one, no questions asked and call it "unknown."

Local campus police have reported a need for a code 3 eval at one of the dormitories. It's a weeknight, around midnight so we're not expecting anything too elaborate.

The campus police have detained two young ladies, recently 18 who have over indulged in the fire water and become sick in the bathroom. By the time we arrive, 1 is in the hallway embarrassed and not intoxicated while the other is expressing her desire never to drink tequila ever again. We do our Medic thing and try repeatedly to convince the engine crew to leave the girl's dorm as their assistance was no longer needed. We determine the girls have been drinking but are not intoxicated and are of age to refuse our services, which they refuse in a number of ways. Campus Police, however, will remove the young lady who is sick to her stomach because, "We can't just leave her here." I'm not sure about the rest of you college graduates, but I had at least 1 night a month like this and sometimes worse. Oh I hope Happy Medic's Mom hasn't found this to read that.
At the end of it all we were leaving the dorm and wondered who would call campus police for 2 girls getting sick in the bathroom at midnight? And who, when arriving to find them no longer drinking, but suffering as a result, would burden them with our exams and embarrassing questions?

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Jerry and Jeana said...

Hmmmm...Happy Medics mother would never have guessed. I assume it was after you were of age?