Friday, November 21

...for the unknown medical...Part II

Catch up on Part I below first.

The night that just won't end has only just begun. Just after our heads hit the pillows after the last run, this one comes in at the Police station.

A gentleman...well, he's in for domestic battery so let's call him 'guy'...A guy has told the arresting officer that he needs medicine for a chronic condition and needs to be seen at the hospital.

'Guy' starts by stating he is having pain in his face where his spouse struck him earlier. I see nothing apparent and there are no signs of distress when he slows his breathing and looks at me. "Do you hear that?" he asks. "Hear what?" "My wheezing, listen" and he begins this whistling sound similar to air escaping a tire.
"Impressive, you can wheeze on command. Do you have an emergency or are you just trying to get out of going to jail? Because as soon as I take you in, they'll let you go and right back into jail you are."
He then begins to describe the 'serious' condition he has that requires his medical marijuana and needs to see the doctor to get more.
I explain that the ER doesn't dispense marijuana, nor do they dispense medications at all. He can get a prescription from the Jail pharmacy if needed.
I turn to the arresting officer, who is holding back a laugh, and say, "If he's in custody he can stay that way."
I didn't notice until we were leaving he was wearing a "Local 420" T-shirt.

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