Monday, November 3

Misleading Advertisers

A letter in the file to the political advertisers using Google's Adsense to advertise on blogs across the internets. Even here at the EMSfun blog we hold certain "standards" even if they be as simple as upholding the constitution of the state and country in which we reside. Some of you I'm sure took an oath to that affect.

Certain advertisers disguised the intent of their messages by renaming the url of the sponsor to elude ad filters at google. Long story short, someone lied about an ad to get it onto pages that strictly requested the opposite. Most times we giggle at the content of the ads here at EMSfun, women's clothing and nursing schools, but some recent ads just prior to election day were not appropriate for this site and, by the method they were placed, were not appropriate to be shown at all. Much the same way an internet predator slinks around pretending to be something they are not, political ads pretending to support basic rights prove deceitful and take up valuable (OK not here but other places I'm sure) space that could be used to remind folks to change their smoke detector batteries or warn citizens of weather conditions in their area.

So a letter in the file of political advertisers, and this will reflect on your promotional opportunities in the future.
If it was up to me you'd be busted back to the Tower to run PT drills for the Cadets.
That is all.

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