Saturday, November 8

Same questionable calls, new look

After learning how to alter the internets, we here at EMSfun blog decided to make the site look a little different in the hopes some of you stopping by will hang out a bit longer and get an extra chuckle or two before the Chief catches you online instead of mopping floors.
We're also looking into PANIC buttons along the page so in case the hubby or supervisor is closing in you can quick link to IFSTA manuals or something instead of explaining why laughing at other people's "emergencies" is actually therapeutic.
Hate the new layout? Let us know by responding to this thread. Like the new layout? Visit a sponsor, take a class, a new job, buy a dress, whatever.

Waiting for the bells to ring,
The Happy Medic

1 comment:

Jerry and Jeana said...

Nice update! Keep up the fight.