Wednesday, November 26

Working the holidays?

A tip of the helmet to the brothers and sisters away from their families over the holiday. Even though most firehouses will open their doors, bring in more chairs and get through the awkward tradition of not staring at the Captain's wife, you're still away from home.
Everyone the Happy Medic meets smiles when they hear the schedule we work. "Wow, only every 3rd day?! That's awesome!" Until birthdays, anniversaries and holidays come along.
We really are a family and even though many folks outside the service joke that we must all know each other, we almost do. A quick story about family:

Not long ago two firefighters in the area were killed in a residential house fire. Firefighters came from all over the world to participate in the memorial ceremonies. So many in fact that the local hotels and motels were swamped. A group of Canadian Firefighters made it to town thinking they would just grab a room when they arrived. Late at night after the service and memorial, they sought refuge at a local firehouse. They were welcomed, offered coffee and a place to rest the night. The next morning the visitors woke early, shopped and cooked breakfast for the house, then left their home phone numbers and open offers to stay with their families should anyone there ever need a place to stay. And all of it seemed as natural as breathing.

And a very special thank you to those who go out of their way to work on the holiday so others may enjoy it with their family. If someone offered to pick up a trade on a holiday for you, do the right thing and offer back. At the very least sneak some cash towards the meal on behalf of the person doing you the favor.

So stay safe, my extended family, and Happy Thanksgiving. Be thankful for your health and your family, may the trauma gods keep you quiet.

The Happy Medic

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