Saturday, December 6

...for the MVA with injuries...

There is a policy in my jurisdiction that if you are in a traffic collision without injuries there will be no police report. Well guess what people say when they hear that.

A caller reports a 2 vehicle accident with injuries on a rather busy roadway.

Units arrive on the scene in the parking lot of the convenience store where 3 adults are standing exchanging information. I use my standard "are you kidding me?" intro of "Did you report a life or death emergency?"
The driver of one of the cars with no discernible damage wanders over and launches into his story.
"I left work early today to get home for my mother's birthday and was driving the speed limit..."
I cut him off "Skip to the part where it's an emergency"
"This guy pulled in front of me and I had no choice but to swerve and clipped this car in the other lane."
"and the emergency part is..."
"I want a report taken."
"Sir if you have no injuries and the other car has no injuries," My EMT on the engine, who is with the other occupants, gives me a thumbs up that no one is hurt,"then we're going to go now."
"But who will take a report?"
I ask if he has a camera phone and of course he produces one of those fancy $400 phones that can take video. I instruct him to take video of the cars, the intersection and all parties involved as well as still photos of all the other driver's information and call his insurance company if he finds any damage.
The blank look he sends at me almost creates a vortex and sucks me into his world.
I smile and ask if there is anything else we can do for him and I get nothing but that blank look.

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