Saturday, December 13

Happy Medic has a brother from another mother

I nearly pissed myself (I know...again) after clicking on a link a friend sent.
Seems the boys in blue (Sheriffs wear brown?) get the same ridiculous responses and situations we get. I kind of knew all along, but the brash honest style Motorcop uses really lets you feel the frustration.

So wander on over and read a few of the hilarious stories, but look out, they're up there in reverse order. The blog started in April of 2008 but I recommend starting with December.


Dantarious said...

That's pretty funny. Has anyone ever told him he is bitter? Did the person who showed you this, show him your's? Good stuff. Keep up the great posts! Love reading them.

Jerry and Jeana said...

I really enjoyed your "brothers" blog. Very similar in the detail and tounge in cheek delivery thst you've mastered so well. The Angry Captain

MotorCop said...

I've been called many things, but bitter is less frequently used. I'll meet you halfway with 'cynical'.

I prefer to think of myself as a realist. Perhaps a soul-challenged realist, but a realist nonetheless.