Monday, December 15

A Letter in the File of Lannie Haszard

A Letter in the File to the bad apples in the barrel. Amid all the stories about EMS and Fire having to cut budgets, the last thing I wanted to read this morning was the following online article:

"In Portland, paramedic Lannie Haszard was sentenced to five years in prison in August after pleading guilty to five counts of attempted sexual abuse. Haszard, 62, was charged with inappropriately touching four female patients while they were being taken by ambulance to hospitals." more here

Just because Larry Hagman's character in Mother Juggs and Speed tried it out doesn't give you permission to abuse your position of trust. I can only hope my next female patient having an MI didn't read this. I'd really like to get leads 3-6 placed for the 12-lead, but Brain Dead there might have ruined it.

I have never witnessed such horrible behavior and would not stand for it if I did/do. Are these fellas really so lonely and feel so worthless that they have to take advantage, not only of the women in peril, but of the trade so close to being recognized as a profession?

The public gave you its trust and you molested it. There is a special place where you just might get a taste of what you've been doling out.

Enjoy prison. If it was up to me I'd leave you in a room with those peoples family and call an ambulance when they were done with you. And the Paramedic in charge of your treatment? Well, do onto others...

And the headline: 'Paramedic dream job for sex offender' "It's a dream job for a sexual predator," said Greg Kafoury, a Portland, Ore., lawyer who represents three women who were groped by a paramedic." Nice. I hope he never calls. We all know how the Happy Medic LOVES lawyers in EMS.

A letter in the file to Lannie Haszard, your pink slip is right underneath it.

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Koka Sexton said...

How sick does a person need to be to act like that. Glad to hear she was put away. That's disgusting!