Friday, December 26

A new topic coming soon

My favorite part of watching football games used to be the segment, "You make the call." They presented a situation and a brief clip, then asked the audience to be the referee and make the call. Then they went to commercial and you had a chance to discuss it before they came back, explained the rules , then the call made in the situation and whether it was 'right' or not.

Often at the dinner table or at shift change we exchange tales of odd situations that are not covered in the medical protocols or fire manuals and share our thoughts and actions in an attempt to educate one another.

So I'll be starting a new type of post here as these topics come up called, you guessed it, "You make the call." I'll look for your comments and input about what you would do, would have done, what you think etc. I don't expect a flood of comments, but it looks like at least 3 of us come here on a regular basis, let's see what happens.

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