Saturday, January 17

A blog to follow

I've been following it for only a short while, but the new post recently made me want to pass this along.

A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver follows a Medic in "Somewhere:Louisiana" on his adventures in real life EMS. If you ever wished Happy Medic could write better, this is the guy to read. As I read it I can only picture Steve Berry's Characters from the "I'm not an Ambulance Driver" cartoons seen in JEMS and online.
Hope the author doesn't mind the comparison.
The posts are longer than mine, but when you add the details and more emotion, that tends to happen.

Happy Reading,


Ambulance Driver said...

Flattering comparison.

Actually, Steve started my IV when I had an episode of chest pain at a conference in New Hampshire.

Never get sick at an EMS conference, Happy.

It's scary, even if it is neat to see a Who's Who in EMS as your medical response team.

Smooth Operator said...

Sweet another blog to read while I am working. Happymedic if you could check out my blog and possibly give it a mention. I think it is along the same lines as yours.