Thursday, January 15

Brave or Crazy?

Fireman Bobby Lehman is coated with ice after fighting a fire at a multi-family home in Lynn, Mass., Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009. A cold wave expanded into the Northeast, bringing cold temperatures and biting winds .(AP Photo/John Cetrino)

Yeah, Crazy brave.


MotorCop said...

Funny...before I got to the "crazy brave" portion of your post, I was thinking, "Aren't those the same thing?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sobering photo HM. Lynn ain't all that far from us. I can be there in about 40 minutes and it's 'just over the hill'. I sent the photo out to all our guys and gals. Given a few minutes, we could be paged out to the same situation. It's 5 below as I type this and firefighting in these conditions is like working on the face of the moon and very hazardous to people and appartus. Picture handling 500 feet of solid frozen hose, and thats the easiest part of your incident.
"Lets be careful out there." (Hill Street Blues)
Capt. Tom