Wednesday, January 7

Combining 2 great hobbies

While wandering the internets looking for new pics to put up I stumbled across a blog that my viewers might enjoy.

Beerphoto is a simple little blog that combines the great hobby of photography with the timeless joy of beer. Some of the pics might be considered risque, but Happy Medic likes that kind of stuff, I mean art.

So next time you're looking for still pics from a motion picture about firemen called Backdraft you will find the following pic from a new favorite blog.

This image is available for purchase from, contact beerphoto at gmail dot com for details.
EDIT - Just noticed that all profits go towards, "Equipment or subject material" HA!

1 comment:

Dantarious said...

I liked the one titled "Tsmooth Tsailing", but I'm biased.