Friday, January 2

...for the christmas tree fire...

Although these will keep coming in for another week, I felt the need to drop a line on this one now.

A christmas tree has been discarded on the curb and is now on fire.

The folks that call in burning christmas trees never realize how quickly and intensely they burn. I've never been dispatched to and arrived at a still burning tree. This time the woman was standing over the remains of the tree with a water pitcher waving.
"Who called you?" She asked as we pull up.
"Didn't you?" We ask.
She says she saw some kids running up the street then saw the tree light up. It burned so quickly, she said, that in the time it took to get a pitcher of water and walk back out front, it was nothing more than a charred trunk. Then she went in for 2 other pitchers and this was the third when she heard sirens.

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