Friday, January 16

...for the explosion...

OK, here we go right? An explosion! The possibility for major fire, major injuries and major mayhem. This could be quite the incident. Then again...

A caller states their babysitter notified them the stove top exploded, they are out of town and want it checked out.

On a quick side note: I always wonder if the dispatchers are learning some kind of perverted shorthand, or if they don't type well do they make it up as they go? Looking at the dispatch information for this run it reads, "Stove Explored, Glass Lab...Cooktop explorer, ADV'G babysiter alone...possible gas leak"
I don't even know what to make of that.

We arrive to a calm house and the odor of beer.

Ever try a recipe for beer can chicken? The technique, in a nutshell, has the chef preparing a whole chicken propped on top of a can of beer, soaking the flavor, I guess.
Apparently the instructions neglected to note OPENING the can of beer, since our homeowners didn't do so. They also didn't notice that their stove is electric and, hence, there is no gas leak. The babysitter is beet red and the glass cooktop (Glass Lab - Glass Slab?) is cracked from the pressure of the can BLEVEing.

I hope they add opening the can to the instructions real soon. Either that or allow us to smack these people in the head ala the V8 commercials. Maybe the $1000+ to replace the stove will teach them to pay more attention to their $6 chicken and $0.80 beer.


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of a good one.
The alarm goes off for an Assault - (Safe to enter) and here are the comments :
"13yr old 30weeks pregnant, hit by mother"
Were going to the calling thinking wow this is going to be interesting.
We show up to a 30 year old woman who is 13 weeks pregnant (she was punched by her mom, so they did get that correct)..
On a side note, who the f punches a pregnant lady..


Anonymous said...

Beer can chicken, recipe calls for 2/3 full can of beer...ever try to get 1/3 of the beer out with out opening it?

Not even a truck Captain on T22 can do that!


The Schorrs said...

My 1/3 always seems to be at the bottom.