Thursday, January 8

...for the not alert...

2 to 4 AM is usually when I meet my favorite customers, but sometimes we meet someone who got lucky in an unlucky place. No, not like that. Just read.

A cab driver reports a female unconscious in the back of his cab.

We're not far from the address and I'm barely awake as we roll up on the cab in a relatively swanky part of town. You know, Mercedes parked on the street because the nice car is the one in the garage. The cabby tells us she requested this intersection but passed out halfway here. Instead of pulling over right away, he continued to the destination. He was hoping someone might be waiting.
Her ID is from out of state so there's no just getting her home and she has plenty of cash to cover the fare when we got an idea. Let's start calling people on her cell phone.
It was relayed to me everyone should have an entry in their phone labeled ICE-In Case of Emergency. Sure enough in her phone book is a number, a local number, marked ICE. When we call a female answers and says she is just up the block and will be down in a few minutes.
Turns out sister from out of town went out ON the town and had forgotten the address, only remembering the street names.
Had she been 10 blocks south she would have been robbed and left on the street. The sister tipped the cabby quite well and then helped her sister upstairs. Lucky girl.

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20 year metro medic said...

...and can each of us as Paramedics consistently endorse doing such things when encountering a person (we correctly?) assume to have merely passed out due to inebriation? While I have enough street savvy to understand what happened, I will admit that I'd have to think long and hard before accepting an AMA from a person who was/is altered in front of witnesses.