Tuesday, January 13

Hey medics,you've got mail.

Of all the people we encounter on a daily basis, you never realize the impact you can have on another human being just by being nice. Case in point:
Of all the calls for service I've been to and all the hard work on the patients that really needed us, why is it always the ones who didn't need much that write the letters.

Our friend from earlier, whom I assumed would never see another person outside of her house, is still going as strong as ever and wanted to let us know it. She sent an "Atta Boy" letter to the station addressed simply "The Firemen who saved my life." Inside the card was written how we took her from the jaws of death and brought her back to the life she remembers. We of course simply gave her a little sugar, gave the daughter some tips on helping mom adjust to hospice and watched her eat for almost an hour. Any 15 year old could have done what we did. As upset as we were at the time and as understanding as we were later, now we felt odd. We did the simplest thing that took an hour, 1/24th of my day, and it changed what is left of her life completely. We work accidents and major medicals that never make comments like this woman was giving.
Keep a smile on your face everyone. If you get too stressed and feel the smile beginning to crack, start a blog. It helps.


audrey said...

it's always nice when you get some recognition for the work you do no matter how frustrating or aggravating it may be. i'm just starting my venture into EMS so i'm sure i'll have my own stories. love the blog

MotorCop said...

Amen and Hallelujah.