Monday, January 19

Now I can say 'colour' and 'favourite'

The Happy Medic has gone International. I love reading about other pre-hospital providers from all over the country but never really realized (realised) they have the internets machine in other countries until I started following Medicblog999. But I'm being followed as well.

Reading the posts is like looking in a mirror. They have the same BS over there. It makes me feel better that no matter whether the system is for profit or Nationalized (Nationalised), the crazies still call 911 (999) to get help to the toilet (loo) or just for a ride.
(trying to help my new UK friends follow along with translations in parenthesis)

So I call out to my EMS buddy across the pond to tell it like it is. Here in the states we hear a lot about NHS and the troubles they're having with dispatch errors, long response times, etc. I plan to take these stories to the folks who can tell us what is really happening, the Medics on the streets.


EDIT - forgot to put them on the other side of the "road" up there.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! Cant stay long as I have to go on the 'sidewalk' to get to my 'veeeeehicle' so that i can respond to a 'code blue' 'MVA' STAT!!!
Your much better at that than me. I had a good laugh at your post though.
Thanks again!!