Saturday, January 31

Ricky Rescue gets hitched

Each Department has a Ricky Rescue. The guy who reads ALL the magazines, has every tool in their truck, maybe even has an old Hurst set in their pick-up, because "You never know..."

These are the folks that buy anything and everything with a fire helmet or a Maltese Cross on it. Their vehicle is covered in stickers and there is probably a switch in there that makes lights flash.
They wear their Department shirts, in their response area, off duty. You get the idea.

As a second generation Fireman, when I was married, I had Maltese Cross cuff links. A simple, understated, nod to those I served with and that came before me.

But who is supporting the market for these items at Firefighter Weddings?
Colorado Carla, who I can only assume is the creator of these items, has quite an imagination.
Here are some of the items I think are hilarious: (All pics credited to




Not only is she dragging him by the collar, but look at his fingernails! And the scratches he's leaving! Awesome.


Nothing says "I want to spend the rest of my life with you,"
like a hatchet with a cake beneath it.

There is a fantastic variety of items to make your wedding personalized and most of the items are very nice. There are basic cake toppers, napkins, matchbooks, the usual stuff all emblazoned with your name and date and a neat logo.

But in all reality, is anyone going to use this?
Aside from Ricky? On the whole, great concepts, but this ring pillow officially goes too far.

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