Monday, January 5

That was fun, and addictive!

I usually hate these sites but Future Game follows indexes in real time and all you have to do is guess where the index will be in 30 seconds, higher or lower. Seems easy, but the payoff is in the streaks. They give awards for the longest streaks of the day and the month. Little things like iPods and laptops.

I thought I was hot stuff at 5 in a row, but today's high score is 10. If you get 30 in a row correct you win $10,000.

It's free to sign up and fun to play, if for nothing else than a distraction.
Give it a shot!


DaGonz said...

The guy with the sunburn was freakin' hilarious!

We had a call at 0300 hours one day for a 30 year old male with severe vomiting and headache.

We pulled up the house.. two BMW 5 series parked outside...

Patient had been to a bachelor party and drank too much.

We asked the residents why they didn't drive him to the ER...
"we just had both of our cars detailed, we don't want Jeff to puke inside or outside of them"...

Anonymous said...

That's the stuff I love!