Saturday, January 10

Thank You Gasda Software

A much over due tip of the helmet to the folks over at Gasda Software, makers of the BlackBerry Firefighter Shift Calendar thing. I've mentioned them before, simply because of their neat product and the "crackberry" addicts I know are needing something like that.
Imagine my surprise when the guy from Gasda emails me and tells me how I can fix a problem I've been having here on the blog. Seems these programmer folks are savvy at finding the glitches.
For a few weeks I've been tinkering with my "101 Things the Fire Department Wishes You Knew" widget and it wasn't working despite both my valiant tries to make it so. I can either learn synchronized cardioversion or Javascript and one of them pays much better right now.

I made the suggested changes and sure enough, it's working like a charm. Crazy, huh?

So a Tip of the Helmet to Gasda Software(Which means excellent in Gaelic according to wiktionary) for helping a blogger get along. As a thank you I added a link to their product on the main page a few days back and hope for a decent kick back, although I'll likely just get kicked.

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