Thursday, January 15

You Make the Call...Electric Wheelchair

I am dispatched code 2 for a public assist at a local corner known for drunks since that is where the buses turn around. Everyone has to get off.
It is a cool, breezy evening, around 10 PM. We arrive to find a man, alone, in his electric wheelchair. The battery is dead and he is wondering how to get home.
The bus driver called us since he didn't want the man all by himself over night. A quick call to dispatch states there are no wheelchair capable taxis on their approved list (explain that one to me) and they'll call the city van. 10 minutes later we hear the city van driver is out sick today, so no van.
The 300 pound chair won't fit in the ambulance, even if you tried, and the 300 pound patient is unable to walk unassisted.

Any ideas?
You make the call.


MotorCop said...

Call a flatbed tow for the chair and HM for the patient. As my Dad always says, "Handle it, Roy!"

I have no clue who Roy is, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Taxi for the man, flat bed for the chair! Or do you guys have access to a FD truck with a lift gate? (Still use the taxi for the man!)

Anonymous said...

MotorCop... 'Handle it, Roy!' was a phrase uttered by the Mayor in the 80's TV show 'Carter Country', to the town's sheriff, Roy.

As for making the call, MotorCop pegged it.

- F4