Thursday, February 26

...for a knock at my door?

Years ago, while the Angry Captain was visiting, a neighbor girl came screaming to our door that her house was on fire. We peaked around her and sure enough light smoke was beginning to show. We quickly searched the house, found a pot of oil burning on the stove and took it outside. By the time the first engine arrived the fire was out and the smoke gone.
Mrs Happy Medic was at work for this excitement.

Today the excitement caught up with her.

A young mother has rung our doorbell telling Mrs Happy Medic that her 3 month old is not responsive.

Oh, did I mention I'm at the store when this happened?
Mrs HM called for a priority pediatric response, or help, and went back outside to help the mother with what seemed to be an alert, breathing child.

As she did that, I happened to be pulling into the garage.
"Happy, I need you here please," she said in a strict tone. The one usually reserved for emergencies in mixed company. I also noticed she did not use my BS call name "Steph."

I grab the baby and start doing my assessment and asked Mrs HM to grab a stethoscope from inside.
Everything seemed fine except baby wasn't annoyed to be in my arms, wasn't crying and was drooling. While gathering what history I could I heard the quick yelp of a police siren around the block. PD are the only ones to do that quick "Get the F$%& out of my way NOW" siren yelp.

The officer is half in the street and gets out of the car.
I give a quick report and state I'm a Paramedic to which he replies, "so am I, just not here."
He reports to his dispatch that the baby is conscious and breathing and we hear a motor unit pull up as well. They indeed sent the cavalry.
Baby is doing well as the engine company pulls up and I give another report and turn over care.
They've got baby on O2, but he still isn't perking up and getting annoyed, but the ambulance soon arrives and baby is taken into the back for a full assessment and later transport.

As one of my little ones was waving as the engine pulled away I took a quick look at the scene in front of my house.
Police cruiser half in my driveway, half in the street, a motor unit in front of the house, an ambulance in front of the house near the cruiser and a fire engine pulling away.

I'm glad I didn't come back 5 minutes later and see that on my street and panic knowing HM Jr was home at the time.

Wouldn't it worry you coming home to this?


MotorCop said...

Damn right a motor showed up! Cavalry indeed!


mrs. fuzz said...

You seem to get a lot of action in your own little neighborhood! I hope the baby is alright.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I found your blog a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it.