Sunday, February 1

...for the most disgusting thing I've ever seen...

The wife jogged a horrible memory recently. The memory of the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on the job.

Decapitation? Was gross, but not the worst. Almost fascinating at the time in fact.

Dislocated fingers? While skin cringing, even while typing it, no.

The blood and guts in major MVAs, hangings and jumpers is expected and there is a certain preparation that comes along with it.

Poop and month old urine soaked clothing is indeed repulsive, but alas, nowhere close.

The most disgusting thing I have ever seen is a nose bleed.

True story. Although it was the sink beneath the nose bleed that is still fresh in my mind, even all these years later.

The call came in as a 26A1, minor bleed.
An employee at the local hotel had a nosebleed that wasn't stopping with pressure and relaxation. She had retreated into the restroom to try to stop it and parked herself over a sink. As we entered the restroom there was an odor of metal. It was blood. Her nose was still bleeding and in the sink was approximately 300 mLs of blood, most of which had begun to clot to itself. To this day I have never seen that much blood escape a living person who was talking to me. Then she coughed and brought up another 20-50 mLs of clotted blood to add to the sink. The blood came out shaped like a tongue and flopped into the sink where it didn't blend into the rest at first, but simply floated on the sea of clotted blood.

As we attached the nose clamp and got her to relax, the sink seemed to call out to us as if it was alive.
When I took another look at the sink, the fresh clot had been absorbed into the red sea.

That was gross.

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MotorCop said...

Uh...what the hell was wrong with her? Are you kidding me? How do you post something like that and not give me an outcome? What is wrong with you!?!