Wednesday, February 4

I know what my next shift will be full of

I'm here at home listening to the kids battle over a book on the couch with the morning news on in the background and there's a story about women and heart disease.

A great topic, one which every woman in my family should know about, but they just went down the list of symptoms to watch out for and call 911 if they experience any of the following:
Chest Discomfort
Shortness of Breath

Great...they're recommending folks call 911 in case of fatigue and nausea during stomach flu season. That combined with the peanut butter scare (I've had 2 of those calls already) should make for a full day tomorrow.

It always amazes me that we can tell what's been in the news by what the old ladies are scared they have.


Anonymous said...

We went through this last year with the "Chest Pain" publicity push.
All the key words on display, leaflets everywhere, huge posters on roadside signs showing a man with a belt around his chest etc etc.
Not sure if it made any real difference as the vast majority of people who are actually having a heart attack know about it and call 999 anyway. It certainly informed the "Less Critical" patients about what to say to ensure that they get a Cat A ambulance though.
Good luck with the upcoming busy shifts!

Pat said...

We here in Ontario had a couple of Carbon Monoxide stories in the news just before Christmas, one where an entire family died, and another where 5 or 6 family members were hospitalized.

Of course, for weeks afterwards, fire dispatch were inundated with more than the usual number of CO calls, including one where a woman was running around at midnight, trying to find a store open where she could buy a detector, because 'she just knew' something was going to happen to her tonight! Never mind that she'd seen the news story several days before, but waited until Sunday at midnight to worry about getting a detector.

Anyway, I suppose I shouldn't complain, these are the people who keep us in our jobs