Tuesday, February 24

A look at how they do it over there

As you know your Happy Medic is now active over at Fire Fighter Nation as well as EMS United, what appears to be their sister site, but I'm now informed it is not.

Buried in all the photos of volunteers doing the standard two hoseline gas leak shutdown drill are various members of the site from around the world.

One that came to my attention was this Firefighter from St Petersburg...Russia.

He has quite the interesting photos in his slide show and instead of grabbing my favorites (the list kept growing) I chose to embed his slide show here.
I am especially impressed with the large range of vehicle types he shows, from ladder trucks on snow tracks to large foam laying rigs and what appears to be a few riot trucks (Oh I wish I had those!)
Take a look and to enjoy glorious trucks of fire.

Find more photos like this on Firefighter Nation


Anonymous said...

EMS Nation is from a competing publisher. JEMS connect is the Firefighter Nation partner.

The Happy Medic said...

When I went to join Firefighter Nation all my information was already filled in from EMS United, and I don't use a form filler.

I simply assumed they were connected.
Thank You...Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed the same when I was joining a non-fire site that uses the same platform as FFN ... must be another was to assure world domination (grin)