Wednesday, February 18

Make a difference without filling the boot

It's a bit early for my annual rant about the misleading "Not for profit" MDA telethon and fund raising efforts, but the local hardware store just tried to guilt me into donating to the MDA Shamrock Fund.
"Do you want to help cure sick children?" She asked.
"I'm a Paramedic, I already do."

I was sent a link by an old Probie about a local effort to help a local kid.

St Baldrick's is a foundation that was established to aid in cancer research. Not unlike other charities they spend close to 20% of their income on management and fund raising. This particular fund drive is looking to raise $1000 for a local cause.

Don't want to donate? Money a little tight? I understand not everyone can donate money.

Even better than a donation, organize a dinner for a family in need. Grab your tools and spend a day off helping your neighbors with home repairs. Volunteer at a local clinic or organization that helps a cause you believe in.
Your time is more valuable than a $1 piece of paper on a wall in a store or 80 cents on the dollar to some researcher in some lab and 20 cents to the "Love Network."

I'll rant more about the MDA "Fill the Boot" debacle later in the year as Labor Day approaches.

Stay safe everyone,


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