Friday, February 27

PSA #1

And now a PSA (Personal Silly Annoyances) notice,

When did it become acceptable to wear pajamas out during daytime hours? There are a number of borderline adults as well as many teenage girls who are wandering the stores in pajama pants, slippers, sweatshirts and large sunglasses.
When did this become the "in" thing to do? Their grandparents would have been scolded for not wearing a hat out of the house in their day and now these folks are in line at the Target dressed like they're still in bed?
I find it offensive and clearly lazy. Sure it's a free country and they can wear whatever they want, but they're idiots. Lazy idiots.

Ahhhhh, that feels better.

Speaking of being in line at the Target, why are there 28 checkout lines but only 3 of them are open?
When they built this Target, and the 18 catrillion others, they apparently expected to have more high school kids working there because it seems every store I go to has at least a dozen registers, but only a handful open. What a waste!

And especially when I have to stand in line with the kid, behind the teenagers in the pajamas wondering why we don't hire the folks in the PJs to open a few more registers.

I'm just sayin'...

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