Sunday, February 15

Way to go Walgreens

A tip of the helmet to the folks over at Walgreen's corner Drug Stores. I'm not usually one to applaud corporate actions, but some folks just do the right thing sometimes.
While driving around on errands yesterday I passed a Walgreen's with one of those giant red signs out front.
Usually the sign shows me I can get 2 gallons of milk for $3.95 or that Vioxx is on special. But imagine my surprise when I glanced over and saw, "AMBER ALERT!" followed by vehicle, child and suspect information.
After returning home I learned that this has been Walgreen's policy for most stores since the late 1990s.
Recently, in September of 2008, they added severe weather notifications to their policy of helping to find abducted children.

For the rest of my errands, as the banks reminded me of their high yield savings accounts, I wondered why every screen in the abduction area wasn't automatically used to help find missing children. A huge undertaking, I'm sure, but if it can save 1 life, it's worth it in my mind.

So a tip of the helmet to Walgreen's and their Amber Alert sign policy.

That is all.

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